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The Tantoush Family started business in 1957 with the patriarch of the family Mr. Ali Mohammed Tantoush investing in his first retail meat shop in Janzour, Libya. Through a culture of hard work and strong family values the business grew expanding to four retail locations.

In 1988, Mohammed Tantoush, the son of Ali, started the expansion of the family business. By 2003 Mohammed had more shops and they found their company for meat and livestock import. They build their own cold stores and began construction of the head office in city of JANZOUR.. In 2005 the company made their first direct imports of Lamb from Australia. In 2007 they began importing beef from Brazil, European Union and Turkey.

In End of 2011 the company cold storage facilities of 8100 Mt were completed and the company began importing other frozen items from Europe including French fries, fish, frozen vegetables, frozen Fruit and poultry.

Today Tantoush group has a number of employees increased to 80 employees in its main office and retail shops in Janzour and Tripoli. We plan to expand into new lines of business and increase food imported varieties of high quality to satisfy all tastes and it is also expanding in increasing the number of retail stores.

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