Today Tantoush group is stronger than ever and our experienced and professional’s sales and merchandising teams distributes frozen food products to more than 150 - Supermarkets, Self Service Stores and Large Groceries only in Tripoli Area. Tantoush group owns 8 Retail shops located in the city of Janzour as group plan to expand into new lines of business and increase food imported varieties of high quality to satisfy all tastes and it is also expanding in increasing the number of retail stores and numeric distribution. Obtaining & maintaining leadership position for the brands we represent and distributed by us is the driving force behind our investments in the Retail team.

In Retail channel we assist and actively support our clients’ marketing activities such as consumer promotions, sampling, branding, and other events that help lift sales and build consumer loyalty. We also invest significantly in marketing activation.

Food Service

The Food Service distribution channel was set up in 2008 and carry wide range of high quality Frozen Food to cater to the ever-growing hospitality industry in the country and its specific needs. To provide them with the high-quality MEAT, POULTRY and FROZEN FOOD and one stop solution for all their requirements. We cover the 5 star Hotels, Restaurants, Catering Companies, Hospitals and Oil companies.

Van Sales

We specialise in van sales operations to best reach this segment, delivering small stock quantities on a daily basis. Our fleet of temperature controlled vans Sales distribution channel services more than 500 Small & Large Groceries and over 100 Small Restaurant and Cafeteria across Tripoli and Janzour area, our van sales representative ensures the reach of our brands and products to all neighbourhood and towns.


The role of wholesalers is becoming increasingly important in reaching traditional retail outlets and lower end food service customers. We have a full-fledged team with years of experience in the industry managing the specific requirements of these customers and all products are distributed in wholesale channel in all Libyan regions and meet the needs of major customers in all Libyan Area through our authorized agents. Where we are racing against time to deliver orders on time to satisfy our customers, we also care about small details and taking into account any comments we receive from customers where we have specialized personnel in this regard and to harness all the abilities of workflow well where they processing reports on all products to see public taste requirements, the company has more than 392 active clients in all parts of Libya who contribute to meet the needs of all types of customers.